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Science Action

Science Action

Science Action is a supplemental science program run by the PTSA volunteers. The program begins in kindergarten and runs through 3rd grade. Lessons are offered 1-4 times per year, per grade and are spaced out over the school year to integrate and reinforce classroom curriculum. Topics such as magnetism, reflecting light and “what makes a sound” are covered. Teachers determine when parent volunteers are needed to help in the classroom with these hands-on activities and will reach out to parents as needed.

Volunteers Needed

Outside of the classroom, the science action chair keeps up to date on latest New York State Science Learning Standards for early elementary grades and connects with the District Elementary Standards Leader to make sure activities are relevant and materials are current. The chair also incorporates teacher feedback into future activities to ensure activities run smoothly.


Parent volunteers can help with collecting/organizing supplies and assembling student kits that teachers will use in the classroom.


If you have a particular area of expertise or fun, applicable activity ideas – we’d love to hear! Please reach out to the TRE Science Action Chair. This is an exciting, evolving program! We welcome volunteers and fresh ideas.

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